ELTIS Course fees for International students Some Questions & Answers

Q.1. How much is the fee for the Diploma Programme?

Ans : Tuition Fee for the Diploma programme starting on July 01, 2017 is – US$ 1975/-

Q.2. How much are the tuition fees for Certificate Courses?

Ans : a. Long-term Certificate Course (6.5 months) US$ 1400 b. Short-term Certificate Course (4.5 months) US$ 1025

Q.3. How much is the fee for IELTS: Exam Preparation course?

Ans : Fee for IELTS exam preparation course is US$ 800.

Q.4. What does the fee include?

Ans : The fee includes –
  • Tuition fee
  • Events & activities charges
  • Exam fees
  • Accident insurance for the course period (applicable from the second week)
  • Health Insurance (applicable from the second month)
  • Free medical check-up
  • Use of Computerised Language Laboratory
  • Use of Library facilities, incl. Net Café.

Q. 5. If students want to pay advance fees by swift transfer, how much should they transfer?

Ans : As advance fees, students should send the amount as follows :

Sr. No. Name of the course Duration Amount of advance fee if paid in US$    Amount of   advance fee if paid in INR
1 Diploma of Proficiency in English and Career Skills (Awarded by Symbiosis International University) 1 year US$ 900  INR 30,000
2 Certificate Course in English
(Long-term) (Autonomous)
6 ½ months US$ 600  INR 20,000
3 Certificate Course in English
(Short-term) (Autonomous)
4 ½ months US$ 450  INR 15,000
4 IELTS : Exam preparation course 3 months US$ 450  INR 12,500
After receiving this advance payment, ELTIS will issue the Provisional Admission Letter.

Q. 6. Where should students pay the balance course fee? At ELTIS office or Bank?

Ans : At IDBI Bank, Model Colony branch Pune (India). It is just next to ELTIS campus.

Q. 7. How should students make the balance fees payment?

Ans : On arrival at Pune, follow these steps :
  • Student reports to ELTIS office.
  • Student fills in challan (pay-in slip) at ELTIS office
  • Student deposits challan (pay-in slip) into IDBI Bank.
  • Bank calculates & accepts US$ (balance fees) & stamps on 4 parts of challans (pay-in slip).
  • After the bank stamps & returns two parts of the challan, the students should submit the institute part of the challan to ELTIS office.
  • After receiving challan (pay-in slip) copy, ELTIS will issue the joining report.

8. For currency exchange, the conversion rate advised by the Reserve Bank of India vide their website is taken as the authorised rate. The rate ruling on the date of the admission letter will be accepted.