Diploma in English under SIU

Diploma of Proficiency in English & Career Skills (DPE & CS)

(For International Students only)

Admissions Open for July 2019.
Duration: One year (full-time) July to June every year
Fees: US$ 2175/-
Class timings: 11:05 am to 4:00 pm
Eligibility: Passing Std XII or Diploma from any recognized Board of Education.

1) Diploma of Proficiency in English and Career Skills
(for International Students : July to June every year)

A full- time one year programme
An opportunity to improve your skills in English language for spoken and written communication.
Learn English for higher education and good business/ job opportunities.
The Course demands basic proficiency, of the students, in English and aims at making them more proficient for higher education in English.
Structure of the Programme
  1. The programme is spread over 2 semesters in one year.
  2. In semester-1, there are 7 courses.
  3. In semester-2, there are 7 courses [including a field visit]
  4. The programme shall run 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. In addition, the student shall also be required to work in the reading room/language lab.
  5. In addition to the English language courses, the following courses (without examination) are included in the programme:
    Semester 1: Spoken Hindi* & Open Discussions*
    Semester 2: Personality Development or a Field Visit & Assignment (*Non-exam Grade Courses)
  6. There are assignments based on books from the library and therefore the programme has weekly 5 hours as library hours for the students.
Passing Std. XII or Diploma from any recognized Board of Education
Semester-wise Break-up of the Programme
Semester 1
060161101 Enhanced Communication Skills-I (Speaking and Listening)
060161102 Functional Grammar
060161103 Reading Comprehension and Analysis Skills
060161104 Writing Skills
060161105 Thematic Expressions
060161106 Spoken Hindi*
060161107 Open Discussions*
Semester 2
060161201 Business Communication
060161202 Professional Writing Skills
060161203 Functional Grammar & Phonetics
060161204 Enhanced Communication Skills-II
060161205 Language through Literature
060161206 Personality Development* OR
060161207 Field Visit and Assignment*
(*Non-exam Grade Courses)
Diploma is awarded by Symbiosis International Deemed University- SIU.

2) Programme Fees

Sr No. Name of the course Duration Period Fees Eligibility


Diploma of Proficiency in English and Career Skills


Awarded by Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

1 year

July 02, 2019 to

June 30, 2020

US$ 2175

High School / Secondary Education / Diploma

Students will also need to pay the following after reporting at ELTIS
  1. Books & course materials : Indian Rs. 3500/-
  2. Cost of Student's Guidebook : Indian Rs. 500/-
For calculating balance fees, the currency conversion rate advised by the Reserve Bank of India vide their website is taken as the authorised rate. The rate ruling on the date of the admission letter will be applicable.
For Admission details and Admission form visit the link : Admission Process

3) Rules & Regulations for Diploma Course

3.1 Eligibility : Already detailed in Clause 1.
3.2 Attendance Requirements
In order to become eligible to appear in the Examination, a student shall put in not less than 75% attendance of total contact hours. In exceptional circumstances, the Director may condone reasonable shortage of attendance.
3.3 Evaluation of Diploma Course for International Students
3.3.1 The system of evaluation for each course shall be laid down by the University on the recommendation of the Institute concerned.
3.3.2 There will be both internal continuous assessment and semester examination for each course. The weightage for internal continuous assessment shall be 40% and for semester examination 60%, with both as separate heads of passing.
3.3.3 The students shall be graded in each course as follows:-
Percentage Grade Class / Division
70% and above A+ Distinction
60% and above but less than 70% A First Class
55% and above but less than 60% B+ Higher Second Class
50% and above but less than 55% B Second Class
Less than 50% F Fail
3.3.4 SIU - Symbiosis International Deemed University follows semester pattern to conduct the exam. External examination is conducted at the completion of each semester while internal evaluation is continuous. Internal and external assessment will be for 40 and 60 marks respectively. Both are separate heads of passing. Students should obtain minimum 50% in each head to clear the exam.
3.3.5 An application for admission to the semester examination shall be made in the prescribed form and shall be forwarded to the Registrar of the University through the Director of the Institute concerned. It shall be accompanied by the following certificates:-
i] Clearance in internal continuous assessment
ii] Clearance in his/her dues including the prescribed examination fees, if any.
3.3.6 The Director reserves the right to hold the application if in his/her opinion, the student does not fulfill any of the criteria for being eligible for the end-semester examination.
3.3.7 A student who secures a grade higher than "F" in a course may be permitted by the Institute to improve his/her grade by repeating that course only once.
4.0 The Institute is fully authorised to revise/alter/modify/delete/add rules & conditions which it deems necessary to facilitate the teaching-learning process. The decision of the Director in this behalf shall be final & binding on the students.
5.0 Disputes, if any and of any nature, will be subject to Pune jurisdiction.
6.0 If a student is late or absent for any class throughout the day, he/ she will be marked absent.
7.0 In case the student is absent due to any personal reason or if he/ she goes back to his/ her country during the course, he/ she will be treated absent. In any case, he/ she should have 75% attendance. Leave of 2 weeks for VISA renewal shall not be considered as absenteeism.
8.0 Student should undergo a MEDICAL CHECK-UP at Symbiosis Centre for Health Care. In case of medical leave, certificate from SCHC is to be submitted to the office. Any other certificate is not allowed unless it is attested by SCHC.
The student should have a valid International driving licence.
9.0 Misbehaviour of any kind with the faculty or non-teaching staff shall be strictly handled.
10.0 Fees are not refundable.
11.0 Library facility is available from 9 am to 7 pm. Books are available for library reading and home reading on a membership.
Students are not allowed to call or attend a call during classes. The mobile can be confiscated by the teacher or the administrative staff.
The ELTIS campus is a non-smoking zone. Anybody found smoking will be fined Rs. 500/- immediately.
14.0 Wearing helmet is necessary for students driving two wheelers.
15.0 Students will be responsible for their belongings. The institute will not be responsible for the loss of any personal possessions of students.
16.0 Students are expected to follow formal or semi-formal dress code. Wearing shorts, mini-skirts or revealing clothes is not allowed. The Director's decision in this respect will be final.
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